Promoting Healthy Living in Schools

Health and fitness are arguably two of the most important things that any person could choose to do for themselves. After all, when you take the time to focus on your own physical well-being it gives you an opportunity to have the stamina that you need in order to keep up with everything else, ranging from daily tasks to the unexpected joys and challenges of life. More importantly, it gives you the energy you need to be there for everyone else when they need you the most. Anyone that has ever watched a family member or someone else close to them decline in health because they simply don’t take the time to care for themselves knows how difficult it is to slowly watch that person dwindle away from something that might have been prevented. It is even worse for those individuals who have lost someone close to them unnecessarily. Despite all of these facts, not to mention the fact that you feel better and have more energy when you take care of yourself, health and fitness still don’t seem to be a priority for a lot of individuals. The truth is, it becomes a priority when it is taught early on. Therefore, many people are trying to promote healthier lifestyle in schools, all with the intention of helping young children learn how important it is that they take care of themselves so that they can do all of the other things that are so important to them.
Learning At An Early Age
For the most part, people learn things the best when they learn them at a relatively early age. This is when habits are truly developed. People learn to either eat healthy or consume a lot of junk food when they are still a young child and the same can be said for getting enough exercise or anything else that involves physical well-being. Rest assured, people that start out eating a lot of chips and cookies and spending a lot of time watching television have a much more difficult time changing their habits later on. In addition, this type of behavior predisposes them to a whole host of potential health concerns, some of them very serious in nature. On the other hand, individuals that learn to eat a lot of healthy fruits and vegetables and get a good amount of physical activity are far more likely to continue those types of behaviors well into adulthood. Perhaps most importantly, this type of behavior can help them stave off some of the most serious health conditions that plague the greatest numbers of individuals, conditions like heart disease, cancer and high blood pressure. It also helps to curb the obesity epidemic, thereby reducing the chances that they might suffer from all of the aforementioned problems in addition to other diseases like diabetes.
Making Health And Fitness A Priority
Schools have a tough task ahead of them. They have to teach children of all ages that health and fitness should be a priority. This might be a relatively easy theory to teach to the star athletes out of any grade level but it can be a lot different when it comes to teaching it across the board to every student there. The truth of the matter is that some people already see health and fitness as an important part of daily life while others don’t put a lot of interest into it to begin with. These are the individuals that schools have to attempt to reach because they are the ones that are at the greatest risk for developing the diseases that have already been discussed. For any child that doesn’t make staying fit a priority, the sooner they learn the importance of it, the better off they will be.
Making Time
A lot of people have the idea that they just don’t have time to deal with putting forth the effort to get fit and then stay that way. The truth is, fitness is something that should be a top priority. Instead of leaving it until the end of the day and exercising only if there is extra time, it is important to ensure that time is carved out for it on a daily basis. The same is true with teaching children good eating habits and other aspects of improved health like getting the required amount of sleep each night, managing stress and learning the coping skills necessary to deal with daily life. When a person possesses all of these skills, it becomes much easier to live a healthy lifestyle and this is best learned while they are still learning the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic. Furthermore, they are skills that can easily be reinforced throughout a child’s entire school career. This helps to prepare them for a world where they will need to stay fit more than ever as the demands on their time increase and the stakes become even higher.

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