Regular Exercise to Keep Fit At Home

Keeping your body healthy and fit should be on top of the list of the most important things. Maintaining good health is all about being conscious about what you put in your mouth and what you do daily. Exercises protect you from the ever increasing diseases. No matter the size of your body; overweight or underweight, maintaining fitness is necessary. You can be very lean yet have a lot of cholesterol in your body. Apart from helping you lead a healthy life, exercise gives you a good night sleep when you retire from your day’s work.

Keeping fit is a very easy task, especially if you are doing it on a daily basis. All it requires is ten to twenty minutes of your time. Considering that the day has 24 hours, twenty minutes won’t be so hard to find. Even if you are one of those people who have a very busy schedule, you can’t lack time to squeeze it in. This little time can mean the difference between you and someone suffering from a certain life threatening illness. Moving your muscles and raising your heart beat a little bit is the easiest way to a healthy and fit body.

A study which was done in the University of Virginia proved that exercise has an immense impact in the way we look and feel. Exercise makes us feel lively and look younger. The study involved routine exercises lasting up to 15 minutes for just twenty one days. The different people who volunteered to take part in the study demonstrated fitness of people who were fifteen years younger. The strength which they gained in their muscles was like that of people twenty below their age. Their flexibility was also enhanced in a great way. This study proved that you do not require to work out the whole day to be fit.

You do not need a whole gym set up to keep your body in shape. You can do exercises while you are at your premises and still maintain fitness. Here are simple exercises which you can do at home to keep fit.

Cardiovascular workouts
This is one of the best exercises since it involves your body’s engine. In order to strengthen your heart muscles, you need to do cardiovascular exercises. The best time to do these exercises is in the morning. Cardiovascular workouts make sure that your blood flow is balanced and air intake is improved. Cycling, jogging, aerobics and brisk walking are some of the best cardiovascular exercises. Since we are talking about home exercises, you can spot jog or do aerobics while you are at your house.

The stair climb and Bicep curl
If there are stairs in your home, consider yourself lucky. Stairs are recommended for a healthy and active body. Climbing the stairs tones your legs as the bicep curl strengthens your arms. During this exercise, you need the dumbbells. Hold them in your hand as you ascend up the stairs. The bicep curls are performed as you climb the stairs. The burn in your legs shows that you are doing something. The results are wonderful.

Jump squats
For jump squats, you do not require dumbbells. All you need is you; squat all the way down and then push yourself back up by making a jump. When landing, make sure you land on your feet and go back to the squatting position. If you find it difficult to balance, ensure that your fists are held tight and are placed at the front.

Pile squats
When taking pile squats, assume a v standing up position that has a shoulder width gap. Go down towards the ground as if you are doing a regular squat. Stretch yourself by exploding into a quick jump. Repeat the exercise until you can’t do it anymore.

Hip extension
This is an exercise to stretch the hips and improve your balance. It also strengthens your legs, shoulders and back. Here, you should stand straight as you hold your dumbbells. Move your right leg to the back while ensuring that you step on the floor with your toe. Use your hips to lean forward and lift the leg at the back. While making a T using your shoulders, move your chest downwards to the ground. Repeat this ten times for both legs and ensure your head is in a straight position.

The plank
Dumbbells are not needed when doing this exercise. Lie on the ground facedown, bring your elbows to the ground and use them to lift yourself. Your whole body from the head to ankles should be straight. Ensure that your abdominal muscles are held tightly when lifting your body. Maintain the position for a minute or so.

The Jackknife
The jackknife should be done for a very short time. Lie down on the ground while maintaining a flat position. In case you need support, use a rolled towel and place it on the lower back. Tighten the abdominal muscles and stretch your arms outwards above the head. Lower them then do the same thing again. The flexibility in your core area will be greatly increased.

Every part of your body needs to be involved in exercise for full fitness. With these exercises, you will definitely get excellent results after a few days. These exercises will make you feel alive, energetic and give you a glow. Your life will change for the better.

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