What Workout Burns the Most Calories

Every person who is on a fitness journey should understand the importance of calorie burning. Calories are a unit we use to measure energy. If a person consumes 3000 calories in their daily diet, and burns 3000 calories per day through working out, they will maintain their weight. If a person burns more calories per day than they are consuming, they will lose weight. The more you understand about calorie burning, the simpler weight loss or maintenance goals can be achieved. Let’s first discuss the workouts that burn the most calories.

It has been believed for years that the ultimate calorie burning workout is jogging or running, this is true to an extent, however when it comes to the best calorie burner, it depends on the individual. If you can sprint, for example, going at your fastest pace, pushing your body to the extremes for 2 consecutive minutes followed by one minute of a steady paced jog, these intervals can burn much faster than a run or jog.

For those that don’t enjoy running or sprinting, there are other options for a fast calorie burn. Plyometrics is among the most effective short workouts that deliver great results. The basis of plyometrics is to perform quick, very explosive moves while landing softly on your feet. Moves such as jumping jacks and vertical leaps on stepping boxes are done at fast intervals. The key to the calorie burn with plyometrics, is all in the engagement of your legs and core. When done correctly, plyometrics can burn up to 10 calories per minute, which is astounding when compared to traditional gym workouts.

Top Calorie Burning Workouts that require Special Access

If you have access to rock climbing, the required strength and stability will incorporate virtually every single muscle in your body with little to no breaks, making this workout an ultimate top pick for calorie burning. For an individual weighing, around 150 pounds, this can mean burning over 400 calories in only 30 minutes.
A pool is required for the intense calorie burn you can get from swimming. Not only does swimming use your largest muscle groups, but it also allows you to choose the level of calories you want to burn based upon the type of swimming you do. The butterfly stroke is a great option to burn the most calories. If you want something even more intense, a swim in a body of water with a current, will add resistance to your workout.

Tips to Burn Even More

The good news is, if some of these calorie burning workouts don’t appeal to you, there are still tips you can incorporate into your lifestyle to burn the most in the shortest amount of time. Below we will discuss what you can do, starting today:

1.) Eat breakfast prior to working out. Research has been done that proves individuals working out with breakfast partially digested in their system, versus those who start a workout on an empty stomach, perform much better and, as a result, burn more calories. Fiber rich and protein packed foods such as steel-cut oats, fruits, almonds and egg whites are great pre-workout meals.

2.)Lift heavier weights at lower repetitions. It’s a common misconception that cardio is the best way to burn calories, which makes many assume lower weights with more reps at a faster pace would be the best bet, this is false. Lifting heavier weights at a slow controlled pace can burn up to twice as many calories as lower weights.

3.)Take your workout outside. If possible, do your workouts outdoors, it has been proven that even when you are doing the same workout at the same pace, being outside has a more effective result for your burn. The uneven ground and climate changes are a few reasons this is such a great tip.

4.)Focus on your lower body- Larger muscle groups exert more energy; thus, you burn more calories. Among your largest muscle groups are found in the lower body, your legs, glutes and lower core are primary spots to focus on.

Your Ultimate Workout

One size does not fit all when it comes to creating a workout plan to burn the most calories. It is important to consider the following factors and ask yourself these important questions:

-Your lifestyle-How much time do you have? What equipment do you have access to? Do you like slow and controlled workouts, or do you like fast intervals?
Example: If you only have 30 minutes a day, at home in your garage, and enjoy fast intervals, setting up a small area and box for plyometrics is going to be the most effective for your lifestyle.

-Your Commitment Level-How many days a week will you be working out? How hard you will push yourself? Will you challenge your entire body?
Example: If you can only commit to 2 or 3 days a week but are willing to push hard and challenge yourself, then rock climbing or mountain biking will best fit your commitment level.

-Your Goal- When do want your results to show? Do you want increased energy on top of weight loss? Do you want internal changes as well as external?
Example: If you want to start seeing some results within a month and want to increase your energy levels then an alternation of plyometrics and heavy weight lifting are going to fit best with your goals.
These top calorie-burning workouts, tips and examples all prove that the best calorie burning workout for you, will be the one you can stick with. There is no workout that can match the results of persistence and will power, with these workouts you are guaranteed to get more burn at a faster rate.

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